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Business seminars

Business seminars
Business seminars

In the context of project development: IntActPlan “integrated action plan to increase the activity of SMEs in cross-border areas and to create opportunities to penetrate new markets” as part of the IPA cross-border program Greece – Albania 2007 -2013 “.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vlora Region, 3 themed organizes business seminars, developing one of the main goals of the project IntActPlan, which is as precise information on where the sector is focused IntActplan.

During this seminar will be a brief presentation of the project and the participants in the seminar business will have the opportunity to be informed on these three topics:


1. Social media

2.Marketing and export

3.Legjistatura customs for import-export


In these business seminars will take part, the fruit growing business sector, fishing and fish farming, as well as the exports sector businesses in various fields, exports for medicinal plants, exports for building materials, exports etc. artworks hand.




                                                       ING. ARBEN BRESHANI

Last Modified on July 31, 2013
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