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Butrint (Latin: Buthrōtum) was an ancient Greek city, then a Roman one and the seat of a late Roman bishopric After a period of abandonment it was occupied by the Byzantines the Angevins and the Venetians. It was finally abandoned in the late Middle Ages. Prominent archeological sites include a Greek theater, a late-antique baptistery, a ninth-century basilica, and fortifications from the period of the Greek colony to the Middle Ages.

Join us for the Final Scientific Conference of our ECO-FISH project

Join us for the Final Scientific Conference of our ECO-FISH project

We are pleased to invite you to the Online Final Scientific Conference of the ECO-FISH project to present project results including applications for reducing the environmental footprint of the fish production cycle. The Conference will be held on 14 May 2021 at 09:00 (CET) through Zoom Platform.
The event will provide opportunities to:
• Debate approaches, findings and lessons for policy and for practice for assessing environmental footprint in fish production.
• Contribute to an evolving debate of the role of a Life Cycle Assessment for intensive marine fish farms
• Network with key stakeholders, researchers and other interested parties.

Prof. Ioannis Skoufos,
Professor, Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Production, University of Ioannina, LB

For more information for the Agenda and on how to participate pls visit https://cb-ecofish.eu/
For registration, pls visit

Agenda Greek language

Agenda English


Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Region of Vlore
in the framework of the project
“Traditional Breakfast of the C/B area: Branding Scheme and Mobile
Application for the preservation and promotion of common
traditional gastronomy – CBTB”
GREECE -ALBANIA 2014-2020,

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Livadhja – Cultural Center Equipment, Del 3.3.4 “RyTHM” – Project FosteringCreativity and Connecting Cultural Assets through Monuments

 REF No 02


The Municipality of FINIQ, intends to award a supply contract for Livadhja – Cultural Center Equipment, Del 3.3.4 “RyTHM” – Project, Fostering Creativity and Connecting Cultural Assets through Monuments in LIVADHJA with financial assistance from the INTERREG IPA CBC Greece – Albania 2014 -2020.

The tender dossier is available from Municipality of Finiq in CD Rom to all the companies or consortiums of companies that are interested to participate for this tender. The terms of references and instruction for tenderers will be published in Official web page of Finiq Municipality, Official webpage of our external expert AULEDA – Local Economic Development Agency as well as in the Local TV.

Also, the tender announcement will also be published on the website of DG International Cooperation and Development:


The deadline for submission of tenders is 20 May 2020

Possible additional information or clarifications/questions shall be published on the website of Contracting Authority as well as to the following responsible person.


Municipality of Finiq
FINIQ, Kodi postar 9716

Tel +355 686055695

E-mail: bashkia.finiq@gmail.com, bfiniq.euprograms@gmail.com